Joining A Dance Troupe Can Be Good For a Future Dance Career

There are dance troupes located all around the UK that offer training in many different styles of dance. For young children, dance troupes can begin a lifelong passion for dance by offering the opportunity to take part in shows that include theatrical lighting, sound, costume and many other like-minded dancers.

In order to fully reap the benefits of dancing, children should start learning at around the age of five years. At this age, they are highly receptive which means they find it very easy to learn the skills required to dance. In addition to the dance technique they will be taught, they will also learn self discipline, the ability to concentrate for long periods of time and also commitment. Your child will continue to benefit from these skills throughout school, college, university and well into their adult life.

Dance troupes will often encourage their most talented members to take part in dance competitions. This provides an excellent experience for youngsters considering a career in what is a highly competitive industry as it gives them a taster of the pressures, commitment and intense rehearsals that are required in order to succeed. Furthermore, taking part in competitions allows youngsters to gauge their own talent against that of a wider pool of dancers than those in their own troupe. For some, they may find that whilst they are the best in their troupe, there are more talented dancers which may make a pursuing a successful career more challenging. However, for others, they will find that they frequently shine at competitions and win awards which may encourage them to apply to professional dance school.

Almost all dance troupes will put on a regular show – perhaps once or even twice per year. These shows are often the highlight of the dance troupe calendar and give the students the chance to show off the dance skills they’ve learned. Such shows are often highly popular among friends and family of the dance troupe members who usually fill the auditorium. Taking part in such shows requires the commitment of a large team which will include lighting designers, sound designers, costume designers, set designers, dance teachers and, of course, the dancers themselves. This is great fun for youngsters and shows them how different people and different elements of theatre and dance work together to make a performance!


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