Assessing Crash Injuries Cost Before Suing

Most people who have experienced being involved in a car accident know how stressful they can be. If there is the added element of property damage or injuries,that complicates things further. If the accident is caused by a driver’s negligence,they are liable for damages to the injured parties. When it comes to assessing the cost of crash injuries before suing,the help and guidance of a going to court for a car accident is essential.


‘Negligence’ is the the legal term for blame. Generally speaking,the more negligent an individual is in the cause of an accident,the more liable they are for paying damages. Negligence laws vary from state to state,and the state in which the accident occurred will dictate whether comparative or contributory negligence laws apply.

Financial Compensation

In the event of a car crash,the person who is injured and suing for damages is known as the plaintiff; the person that is being sued for damages is the defendant. The goal of damages is to return the plaintiff to their financial status before the accident and to compensate for the stress,time,and money the accident caused them.

Damages for a car accident that caused injuries would include any necessary vehicle repairs,medical treatment,medication,physical therapy,and missed wages due to time away from work.

Assessing the Crash Injuries Cost

When it comes time to formally sue and state the amount of desired damages,with the help of your car accident lawyer ,you will assess the cost of your injuries and any relevant property damage. With your lawyer’s assistance and your written request,your medical reports will be released to you,along with your bills. Together,you and your lawyer will calculate all the costs related to the accident and will use that number in the proposal of a settlement amount.

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